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We work with both brands and nonprofits.  For brands, we create results driven cause-marketing campaigns through existing or new nonprofit relationships. For nonprofits, we act as an extension of their development and marketing teams.


We are independent consultants who have experience working at agencies and at nonprofits. Our work includes:

  • cause platform development

  • awareness and fundraising

  • signature program developments

  • cause marketing promotions


Our clients have ranged from A to Y, such as the American Diabetes Association, Home Depot, Timberland and Yoplait.

We are results-driven marketers with decades of agency experience across numerous industries including consumer packaged goods, active lifestyle and health/disease-specific.


Our work represents a trifecta based on experience of providing strategic counsel and development coaching to national nonprofits; creating cause marketing campaigns for brands, and activating promotions with retail partners.


Our rich integrated marketing background results in high-impact consumer-facing programs that drive action online, offline, and on the go.


Because here’s one thing we know — no one truly benefits — not the brand, the nonprofit, nor the consumer, unless the nonprofit raise more funds to meet their mission and the brand’s performance is accelerated.


Our clients describe us as a can-doers.  We are strategists with enormous heart for this work, creative thinkers and accomplished practitioners who are direct with our opinions and efficient and thorough in our work.


Boston, Massachusetts

(617) 817-3424

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